Our passion for design excellence is the corner stone of our success. We find beauty in expressive forms, the use of natural materials, lighting and contextual site sensitive design solutions. JMA is well versed in a variety of architectural styles and have the creative skills and technical knowledge to create spaces that unfold into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that responds to the clients vision, budget and schedule.

Regular communication between team designers, client and builder is important to ensure all are working in a cohesive manner to ensure the integrity of the design and construction process are being met in a seamless manner.

In order to make sure projects are moving in the same direction and insure client’s receive prompt service our staff is dedicated to each project lead by John Mufarreh who is responsible for the daily progress, collaboration, and coordination of each project. In order to ensure the integrity of the design and construction process it is vital that every team member is working in a cohesive manner.


Our process travels through an inspired design and coordination process where an exchange of ideas is not impaired and the use of three dimensional tools are used to insure that the client understands the direction and design intent before moving forward with the next phase of the project development.

At JMA the design process beginnings with a careful study of the clients’ vision, functional needs, budget and schedule. Once these parameters are understood, our process travels through the inspired design and coordination phase.

Our involvement from design, city approval through construction ensures that the project meets its full potential. To help in keeping all involved on track and informed it is imperative to schedule regular review sessions and working presentations throughout the entire design and construction process.

Project size, zoning requirements, budget, or style are not limitations for creativity, but are opportunities and challenges. We pride ourselves in bringing passion, commitment and enthusiasm to every project. Clients who are up for an inspiring, fun, quality architecture are likely to attract our attention.