The Architectural design or remodel of any home is exciting and challenging process that does not come too often during a home owner’s lifetime. John Mufarreh Architecture is dedicated in making the design and construction process inspiring and rewarding. Successful homes come from a true collaboration with our clients which allows for open dialog and creative solutions.

Our goal with every client is to provide a creative environment and use every possible technique available to make sure each client has a visual understanding of the Architectural design. Our collaboration technique helps reassure clients of the design, reduces anxiety and includes the client in the design process.

John Mufarreh Architecture is involved throughout the entire approval and design and construction process. Our dedication to detail and ability to resolve construction issues promptly and creatively is a cornerstone of our success.


In today’s competitive economy, gaining market share and customer loyalty is becoming more and more difficult and it is not enough to have quality product and sharp marketing campaigns. Innovative architecture can generate consumer interest, heightened experience and increase the awareness of the consumer to the brand.

John Mufarreh Architecture retail designs draw on retailers and their products for inspiration. We are motivated to improve product displays, shopping environment and responsiveness to customer’s needs. Working with local and national chains, developers and local businesses, JMA designs retail environments that intrinsically appeal to consumers and enhance the retail brand.


John Mufarreh Architecture has experience in a wide variety of commercial projects. Also at past work with other firms, Mr. Mufarreh has been responsible for the design of various local government and banking projects.

We undertake new construction and renovation projects of a wide variety ranging from space planning, tenant improvements to commercial strip centers and parking structures. Also many of our commercial projects include compliance with the statutes of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) such as facility assessments, access compliance and facility upgrade suggestions.

Our goal is to revitalize dated commercial centers with a fresh design and updated functions to meet the needs of the modern work force.


John Mufarreh Architecture education portfolio reflects our belief in the importance of state-of-the-art facilities within our communities and how impressionable quality learning and high tech environments can benefit students to achieve brighter futures. JMA is known and respected for providing comprehensive architectural services for public and private schools, community colleges and universities.

At John Mufarreh architecture, our expertise includes the design and implementation of data/technology infrastructure, data centers, classroom designs, athletic field redevelopment, science and art labs and design of building system infrastructure upgrades through additions, renovations or new construction.

Success stems from our belief in a strong collaboration process and understanding the essential functions and core values of each institution. Our staff will work closely with school districts and administrators on everything from facility evaluations, bond planning, design options in order to transform needs and ideas into creative design architectural solutions and expressions.

Bond Support, JMA can provide facility studies, planning solutions, preliminary drawing support and other information to help get the word out about your future goals of your facilities.


The strength of John Mufarreh Architecture medical office design lays in our ability to communicate our designs with an open approach and total collaboration process between the caregivers and patients. We convey to all involved the benefits of how a well-designed office can instill confidence in their practice and puts patients at ease.

In addition to harmonious environment we design for space flexibility in order to accommodate for future growth through expansion, upgrades, or conversion. In order to align our design and project goals we establish program parameters early in the design process to guarantee that budget and schedule are aligned. Our projects include outpatient medical suites, procedure rooms, clean rooms and accessory medical functions.


John Mufarreh Architecture in association with Race Technologies offers a unique combination of design, installation and coordination of services under one roof. Our experience, dedication to detail and meeting clients’ expectations are the cornerstone of our success. We work directly with School Districts and Construction Managers to coordinate, design and implement technology upgrade projects for all types of educational, administrative and central file storage facilities.


We currently have several open projects, including:

Ludeman Lane, House addition, Millbrae CA.

Dohr Street, House renovation project, Berkeley CA.

Seville, House addition, Millbrae CA

House Designs for multiple sites in Half Moon Bay CA

CREAM, Tenant improvement and renovation projects

Multifamily development site analysis and schematic design.

Please contact us for more details about any of our current / past projects.